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Dekanteris Riedel Horse

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This 60cm tall, highly imposing decanter with the profile of a horse's head on the inside is a veritable attraction – just like the grand, aristocratic animal in whose image it has been designed. The decanter is more than an object of beauty. Even in its sophisticated function it is reminiscent of the performance and vigor of the ...
Austrian Lipizzaner. The concave profile of the decanter also supports the decanting process. After the wine has been poured in, it can be gently shaken until there is a thin layer of bubbles. This injects more oxygen into the wine, significantly improving the taste profile of each grape varietal.

The Riedel ""Horse"" executes a normally very time-consuming activity, the opening of the wine, in super-quick time, while always retaining its regal and elegant posture - just like the Austrian Lipizzaner.

WARNING: Bottle Cleaner pearls are not suitable for this decanter!
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